A Little Bit About Dave . . .

Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsMy goal is to have as many extraordinary experiences as possible and to help millions of people do the same. I’m a huge believer in firsthand experiences.1Among many explanations of the value of firsthand experiences, I think the best is Michael Crichton’s 2002 memoir, “Travels.” I’m always exploring, learning, and discovering — hopefully directly via travel or from wise experts, though also through an abundance of reading.

Professionally, it feels like my career has revolved around helping others with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It started near the bottom with a focus on safety and security and now enables self-actualization, realizing dreams and developing close relationships.

DA-Clinton cropFrom high school, to college, to grad school, I focused on national security. After school, I landed in the White House working on defense technology. I was there on 9/11 and soon after was asked to join the Office of Homeland Security to contribute to national strategy and oversee Federal spending on homeland security. After an exhilarating and debilitating 3 years, I transitioned to the State POTUS, DA, Oval, July 2005_r1 copyDepartment to work on a variety of international security, counterterrorism, and diplomatic initiatives. These were non-stop jobs and I burned out from the hours and months of rarely being outside a government office building. My escape started with 6 weeks wandering around Australia and New Zealand followed by a few years consulting in Washington on similar national security topics.


That’s when my travel hobby turned into my next career. Finally with a bit of time on my hands outside of work, I began organizing vacations around the world with friends. Our sailing trips around the Caribbean and Mediterranean turned into me managing the US marketing for The Yacht Week. Our ski trips included big festivals like the Aspen Winter X-Games and Park City for Sunday. The hobby grew, turned into a small business, then an internet business. My wife and I founded Trip Tribe, which is transforming the group vacation industry, and which I now lead with an awesome team in Washington, DC.

If I can be helpful in any way at any time, please connect through any of those social network links on the right (for a quicker response, the best is probably LinkedIn). I have a broad network worldwide and love introducing friends to be mutually valuable to each other.

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1. Among many explanations of the value of firsthand experiences, I think the best is Michael Crichton’s 2002 memoir, “Travels.”